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Welcome to Soul Kitchen!

Over the past fifteen years Rochel and I have hosted thousands of people for Shabbat and Yom Tov meals. Our goal has always been to create an environment that blends good food, good drink and great company. On this blog we hope to create a glimpse and a taste of these acclaimed Shabbat dinners on Castle Street by sharing the recipes of some of our favourite dishes, reviewing the range of whiskies and beers that graces our table, and distilling the thoughts and ideas that bring these dinners to life.

So while 'street lights share their hollow glow' come inside to our 'soul kitchen' and 'warm your mind near our gentle stove.'


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I know it is sort of expected of me to say/write something about the tragedy in Pittsburgh but I honestly don't have anything to say at the moment. I am envious of all those people who are able to elo

Earl Grey Muffins

Before I moved to Cambridge in 2003 I lived near 770 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Most days I would be up early, and on my way to 770 to learn and daven I would pick up a freshly baked muffin and a cof

Thai Salmon Recipe & Erev Yom Kippur Menu

There is a Tosfot (ד״ה וכדברי) in the Talmud, Tractate Avodah Zara, 5b which recommends eating more easily digestible foods before the fast on Yom Kippur such as poultry and fish rather than meat. See


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