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Set-up a monthly Direct Debit and become a regular donor

Planned Giving

Make a lasting and meaningful contribution through a legacy gift in your will

Other Gifts

Make a tax-deductible donation from USA, and donate shares and property, and other gifts-in-kind

Planned Giving

A gift to Chabad of Cambridge in your Will could help the Chabad House flourish far into the future. Many of our donors find that a gift in their Will is a good way to make a significant and lasting contribution. It may cost nothing in their lifetime, yet provide much satisfaction and peace of mind in prospect.

In order to make a gift by legacy, you might need to either draw up a new Will or to add a codicil (a supplementary clause) to your present Will. As Chabad of Cambridge has charitable status, we may receive many gifts free of tax. Bequests or legacies may, therefore, be made to Chabad of Cambridge free of UK Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax.

Bequests may be taken in many different forms: a pecuniary bequest (a specified sum of money), a residuary bequest (this comes from the remainder of an estate after other bequests have been made), a contingent or reversionary bequest (this means it is first left to a preceding beneficiary before it passes to the second beneficiary) as well as gifts in kind, such as property assets, works of art or collections of books and papers.

We would be very pleased to talk to you about your wishes. Although we are unable to offer financial or legal advice (you should obtain your own independent advice as required), we would be delighted to discuss your intentions.

Of course, your decision is personal and may change in the future, but should you tell us about your intentions, we will be able to thank you and keep you informed about the Chabad House and our contribution to Cambridge life. All information will be treated as confidential.

The legal name of the Chabad House which should be used in any will or codicil is “Chabad Lubavitch of Cambridge”. An example of wording used should you wish to leave a legacy to Chabad of Cambridge is: “I give to Chabad Lubavitch of Cambridge [the residue of my estate]/[% of residue of my estate]/[the sum of £ (amount) free of tax]”. Please seek your own independent legal advice on any drafting or concerns you may have.

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Make a gift...make a difference

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