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How to keep kosher in Cambridge:


Keeping kosher in Cambridge is surprisingly easy. There are a number of outlets which stock kosher ranges, and many items can be found in any supermarket. Here are a few tips on how to keep kosher in Cambridge.


1. Most people do the bulk of their shopping at a supermarket. The majority of groceries have a kosher option e.g. bread, crackers, snacks, cereals etc.  You can use to search for any food item and see which brands are certified if you are unsure. 


2. For specific kosher items that may not be readily available in every supermarket, there are a number of outlets that have a kosher section. Please see the list below for details.

3. If you require kosher food for a formal college dinner, you should contact the college catering department and request a kosher meal. Many colleges stock pre-prepared kosher Hermolis meals and are happy to provide these. If the college or dinner organisers are unsure of how to process your request, ask them to contact us.


Shops stocking kosher items include:


Sainsbury's, Coldhams Lane, CB1 3HP

Tel: 01223 246183 
Sainsbury's has a selection of kosher items including chilled and frozen goods, cheese and meat, and dry goods such as crackers, cakes, and tinned foods. Although there are kosher chilled and ambient sections, many goods are also dispersed throughout the store, so if in doubt, ask a member of staff.

(Sainsbury's on Sidney Street in central Cambridge does NOT have a dedicated kosher section but does stock many kosher goods.)


Derby Stores, Derby Street, Newnham

Tel: 01223 354391

Derby Stores stocks a wide range of kosher products and can also order on request pre‑packed Hermolis meals, or anything available in kosher shops in Golders Green, including fresh meat. If you are visiting for the first time, it is a good idea to ask them to show you all they have in the kosher range.


Products available usually include dry goods, chilled goods including cheese, hummus, dips and herring, and frozen items including meat and Tivall vegetarian products. They also have Kosher wines, cakes, and chocolates.


Kosher bread is brought from London for Shabbat and arrives around 14:00 on Thursday afternoon. You can order by phone and they will hold challot for you to collect.


Revital Health, Bridge Street, CB2 1UA

Tel: 01223 350433

This health food shop stocks Tofutti & other brands of non-dairy 'cheese', Tivall vegetarian products, Swedish Glace & other parev ice-creams. They also stock Clearspring soy sauce & other kosher sushi products. Many of their other imported ranges are also certified as kosher - look out for foreign hechsherim.

Waitrose, Trumpington, CB2 9FT

Tel: 01223 845777
As well as all the groceries you would expect to find in a large supermarket, Waitrose also stocks kosher rye bread and challah, although they sometimes sell out.

Ocado is an online supermarket that has a very large range of kosher goods available for delivery, including fresh meat, cheese and other items. Search 'kosher' to bring up nearly 800 suitable products. Delivery is free on orders over £40.

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